Extraordinary. I want your microbots at Krei Tech.

Alistair Krei is the wealthy and ambitious CEO of Krei Tech introduced in the 2014 animated film, Big Hero 6. He returns in Big Hero 6: The Series as a recurring character, mostly antagonistic.


Alistair Krei is a high profile person from a very wealthy family. In "Aunt Cass Goes Out", it's stated that he even practiced origami with dollars since there were always plenty lying around, but his father never let him fold anything bigger than $50 bills. He attended the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology in his youth. Professor Robert Callaghan claimed that he has ignored sound science and cut corners to get where he currently is.

Official DescriptionEdit

San Fransokyo Institute of Technology's most illustrious alumn and owner of the biggest technology company in the world, Krei Tech, is always on the hunt for the next big thing. Krei attends the showcase at San Fransokyo Tech and is overwhelmingly impressed by Hiro's ingenuity.[1]


Mr. Krei has many personality traits, both positive and negative. They have helped him reach and keep his high position. Appearing to the public as a confident, intelligent and affluent man who tries to improve people's lives, he hides some of his real and darker personality traits: being cowardly, arrogant, ignorant and pretentious, guided by his self-interest, as said by Callaghan.

Being a billionaire, Krei uses his money to influence people and obtain his goals. He constantly tries to obtain the best technology for his business. When he can't get what he wants, he tries other methods, some of which are morally or legally questionable, such as ripping off people's ideas, blackmailing, or ignoring the rules to get things done faster. This has reflected in his own company, having a record of releasing its products too soon and Robert Callaghan attempting to get revenge for the experiment that made him lose his daughter.

After the formation of Big Hero 6, he has taken advantage of them as well, getting to the point of threatening to reveal their identities if they don't help him. Thanks to them, he has managed to incarcerate people that have also taken advantage of him and his company like Momakase, who was confronted by Big Hero 6, but Krei took the credit for her arrest since she had stolen from his company; as well as Mel Meyer, getting the man imprisoned for trying to get an invention back from him, despite Krei being guilty for his actions as he broke his promise of using his technology for fun things and then causing his drones to attack him.

He has little regard for his adversaries and most of the time he has managed to get away with his schemes and not get caught over his shady business deals, but has suffered some material losses as well.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Krei is one of the few characters who does not possess any powers or really outstanding abilities at all, nor does he own special equipment or is seen wearing any. Most of the time he simply gets people to do the hard jobs for him, whether paying them or forcing them somehow.

  • Origami skills: During his date with Aunt Cass, he folded a bill into a crane. In turn, Cass folded it into a shape similar to Krei.


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  • Fred, being from a very wealthy family himself, mentioned that Alistair Krei is the richest man in San Fransokyo.