At last, I will exact my revenge by defeating my arch-enemy's little baby child!

Baron Von Steamer is a steampunk-inspired supervillain from Big Hero 6: The Series.


Von Steamer claims he was a known villain back in his day. He has been around for half a century, clashing with Boss Awesome many times and eventually becoming his arch-nemesis, swearing revenge on him. Boss Awesome also claims that he was old back in the day, meaning his appearance hasn't changed much since then.

He had multiple hideouts back then, but in the modern day most of them have been replaced with Noodle Burger restaurants.


Baron Von Steamer speaks in a Victorian English accent and is very intelligent. He is a steampunk aficionado and is obsessed with technology that is powered by steam. However, because of his old age, he is somewhat absent-minded and easily confused, capturing Wasabi as he believed he was Boss Awesome's son, Fred.

Even after so long, Baron Von Steamer still holds a grudge against Boss Awesome, having formulated a revenge scheme against the retired hero by planning to kidnap his son in hopes of drawing his father out and save him.


Baron Von Steamer has many mechanical pieces on his upper body, although it's unknown if they are part of his body (like a cyborg) or detachable. His right hand is a huge claw while he carries a steam gun with his left hand. He also carries a big steam boiler. His head is bald, with his right eye covered by a metallic eye.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Vanishment: He can create large steam clouds. Somehow, he is also able to disappear while surrounded by them.


  • Claw: In place of his right hand, Baron Von Steamer has a large three-fingered claw.
  • Steam Gun: A powerful gun that can create large clouds and surround himself in them.
  • Giant Drill: A vehicle that he used to show up from underground in Fred's party and later get away.
  • Spider Machine: A spider-shaped vehicle, it can shoot lava and has two giant hammers attached to it.


In "Fred's Bro-Tillion", Von Steamer crashes Fred's bro-tillion party seeking revenge against Boss Awesome once more. He is looking for Boss Awesome's son to kidnap him. Cornering Fred and Wasabi, he takes Wasabi instead of Fred, comparing him with a poster of Boss Awesome and claiming they're alike. Fred and his friends visit Mr. Fredrickson's superhero lair, where he appears on a computer screen and reveals many of Von Steamer's hideouts. Fred points out that most of these have turned into fast food restaurants, except for two that are on separate sides of the city. Hiro then suggests the team to split and look for Wasabi.

Meanwhile, Von Steamer is shown holding Wasabi captive. Wasabi tries to tell him he isn't Boss Awesome's son but Von Steamer ignores him or thinks he's just trying to fool him.

Baymax and Hiro go to one of the locations, which is an abandoned subway station. Upon arriving they hear a recorded message from Von Steamer for intruders, triggering a booby-trap that almost crushes Hiro, but Baymax is able to stop it. Baymax starts looking for more traps and Hiro picks up a heat signal. The signal turns out to be a steam train and the duo runs away from it. Baymax covers Hiro and bends the rails, crashing the train. The recorded message starts looping and Hiro finds out it was recorded on an old vinyl player, proceeding to stop it. The other location is an old ironworks. After Hiro and Baymax realize Baron Von Steamer wasn't in the first location, they leave to get there. Meanwhile, Wasabi, Go Go Tomago and Honey Lemon arrive at the ironworks, where Von Steamer held Wasabi in a cage, slowly lowering it to hot lava. Fred burns the mechanism holding it, and Go Go pushes Wasabi out of danger. Von Steamer then pulls a lever that sucks him into a tube, soon returning in a giant spider-like machine. Baymax and Hiro arrive, putting Wasabi away from the fight as he was the only one without his suit. Baron Von Steamer manages to beat Go Go, Honey Lemon, Baymax and Hiro. Fred was the last one remaining but stood in shock as he is afraid of spiders. Realizing that all his friends are unable to fight, he gets the courage to fight Steamer. Fred tells Von Steamer that he's the one he was looking for, to which Von Steamer replies that he does see the resemblance between him and Boss Awesome, despite Fred wearing his full suit. Using the dance moves that Baymax taught him for his bro-tillion, Fred destroys the machine's legs and melts them. Von Steamer then retreats and swears revenge on Fred, escaping through another tube but getting stuck at first.

The team then use Von Steamer's machinery to give Aunt Cass a new espresso machine.



  • Baron Von Steamer can be seen briefly in the series' intro along with other villains, in a small hexagon when Hiro expands his hands.

Baron Von Steamer in the intro.