Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.

Baymax is the deuteragonist of Big Hero 6. He is a healthcare robot built by Tadashi Hamada and a member of the superhero team Big Hero 6.

Background Edit

Wait 'til my brother sees you! You're going to help so many people, buddy. So many!

―Tadashi to Baymax (in a recording prior to his death)

Baymax was created by the brilliant Tadashi Hamada as a healthcare providing nurse to improve healthcare around the world in order to help people. The process in creating Baymax was arduous and difficult, but Tadashi's desire to use his potential to benefit humanity never tarnished, so he worked eagerly on Baymax in hopes of inspiring his younger brother, Hiro, to use his genius like Tadashi did. To provide Baymax his programming and personality, Tadashi generated a healthcare chip encoded with the inscriptions that made Baymax the health-oriented and lovable robot he truly is. The chip also prevents Baymax from harming humans; without it, this limit is compromised.

Baymax is instantly activated by the sound of distress, and can only deactivate once his current patient states "I am satisfied with my care." If not, he will not stop helping nor leave unless the patient confirms their satisfaction.

Official Description Edit

Baymax cares. That's what he was designed to do. The plus-sized inflatable robot's job title is technically Healthcare Companion: With a simple scan, Baymax can detect vital stats, and, given a patient's level of pain, can treat nearly any ailment. Conceived and built by Tadashi Hamada, Baymax just might revolutionize the healthcare industry. But to the inventor's kid brother Hiro, the nurturing, guileless bot turns out to be more than what he was built for—he's a hero, and quite possibly Hiro's closest friend. And after some deft reprogramming that includes a rocket fist, super strength and rocket thrusters that allow him to fly, Baymax becomes one of the Big Hero 6.[1]

Personality Edit

As a healthcare robot, Baymax is suited to carry out any form of task for the benefit of his patient. He is highly intelligent in the world of medics and technology. Towards patients, Baymax is devoted, and extremely caring for his patient without question. In terms of personality, Baymax is rather calm, even when in dangerous situations, in order to take his time and think of ways out of even the simplest of situations to help his friends. However, his purpose makes him naive and curious, and tends to get easily distracted. He initially lacked understanding of human emotion, as well as lacking human emotion, only being concerned of his patient and providing excellent healthcare to the best of his ability. As knowledgeable as he is in human health, Baymax also cannot comprehend the concept of death so long as he has the data he scanned on his patient; with hias initially unable to understand what happened to Tadashi and why Hiro was saddened by his death, as according to his medical record, Tadashi was in good health.

Baymax's programming comes from the health care chip Tadashi developed that contains Baymax's personality and memories. Once installed inside him, Baymax is the medical nurse he was designed to be. But other chips installed can also affect him greatly. One chip made by Hiro, for instance, gave Baymax several karate moves. However, if the original chip is removed, Baymax is subject to the remaining chips, becoming an entirely different being as a result.

However, after meeting Hiro, Baymax underwent a metamorphosis: he gradually begins to pick up human characteristics and emotions due to his interactions with the boy, and and eventually gains a personality of his very own outside of his original programming. The development enabled him to form a close bond with Hiro to the point where Baymax's protection over Hiro was no longer out of the fact that he was his "patient", but rather because he felt a genuine connection and concern for Hiro. This also caused Baymax to go from subservient and obedient to Hiro's suggestions, to outright disobeying orders from Hiro when Baymax realized that Hiro's actions were not what was best for him, specifically when Hiro resorted to manipulating Baymax to murder Yokai; something Tadashi would not have wanted for Hiro. As a result, Hiro learned what was right from Baymax, and Baymax's input would be considered by the rest of the team.

One notable trait Baymax possesses is his compassion, which resided within him even when he developed his own personality and only grew stronger over the course of Baymax's development. His strong vow to never harm a human being would go on to shape the moral foundation of the Big Hero 6's code of value, as violence is not always the answer.

Appearance Edit

Baymax's overall appearance is designed to be soft and non-threatening so that he can assist his patients without harming them. He appears as a wide robot covered in inflatable vinyl material, causing his outward appearance to resemble, as Hiro calls him, a big marshmallow. But his "true" appearance, which can only be seen by looking deep inside the vinyl, is a flexible carbon-fiber skeleton covered in plastic and wires with thick limbs holding the rest of his body together. The skeleton also has a projector in its chest for Baymax to display. Baymax's head is relatively simple-looking, consisting of only two "eyes" (actually hyperspectral cameras) and a mouth-esque line connecting them. His access port is on the left side of his chest, and can be recognized by its badge-like appearance. In it are four slots, so Baymax can hold up to four different program chips.

Baymax also comes with a traveling case, where he will place himself inside the case and deflates, compressing his carbon skeleton into the case for convenient transport. This case is also his recharging port for when Baymax runs low on power.

Due to his soft padding, Hiro developed two different armors to enhance Baymax's fighting and natural strength. The first one, a dull-green padded armor, was made after Baymax received a martial arts chip from Hiro. The armor covers Baymax's entire body and is designed to restrain Baymax's soft form to make him more durable, although it is wide enough to fit comfortably around Baymax's wide physique. The second armor is worn by Baymax in his superhero form: this one is made of red and purple metal, and has a sleek, trim design compared to the prototype. It has rocket thrusters equipped into its feet and back-mounted wings to enable flight. In addition, the armor has reinforced durability and flexibility to improve Baymax's speed and strength.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Baymax is a robot designed for care and support, as such he has abilities suited for his function.

  • Superhuman strength: According to Tadashi, Baymax was programmed with considerably impressive strength and is supposedly able to lift 1,000 pounds. However, this cannot be applied to physical force he generates, as he was unable to even kick down a door due to his vinyl padding. With his super suit, his strength is increased.
  • Medical knowledge: Baymax is a database on health, and has information on over 10,000 different medical procedures.
  • Data storage: Baymax has the ability to store a massive amount of data, making him highly intelligent in several fields, should he take the time to access the information from a module.
  • Scanner: Baymax has a built-in scanner that allows him to scan all medical data on his patient and readily identify them. With his suit, the scanner becomes enhanced and can be used to track the person down by their medical profile.
  • Defibrillators: One of his medical components, Baymax has defibrillators built into his hands.
  • Anti-bacterial spray: Baymax dispenses a spray from his hands to kill pathogenic microbes on his patient.
  • Heating system: Baymax's body is equipped with a heating system that warms anyone lying on him.
  • Chip reading: Baymax's programming can be modified depending on the chip that's installed. He was able to learn karate techniques when Hiro downloaded these into a chip for him; however his personality resides in his original chip, so if this chip is removed, the remaining chips will override his initial programming.
    • Martial Artist: Due to the fighting chip installed, Baymax can execute various fighting moves and action.

With his armor, Baymax becomes considerably stronger and more mobile, and gains certain abilities.

  • Flight: Due to the thrusters on the armor's feet, Baymax is capable of flight. Despite his size, he is extremely good at maneuvering through the air. Occasionally, because of this ability, Baymax's teammates will use him as transportation. When in the air, the suit lets him reach mach speeds.
  • Rocket Fist: Baymax's armor's glove can disconnect from the suit, and propel itself toward a target. This allows the glove to be used as a projectile.
  • Magnetism: The back of Baymax's armor is equipped with magnetic extensions, allowing Hiro to safely ride atop the robot's back (when wearing his own armor) without the fear of falling.

History Edit

Baymax came into being when Tadashi had finally calibrated his creation to be properly functional. Eager to show his success, Tadashi then brought Hiro to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology one night so that he could meet Baymax. Using duct tape, Tadashi purposely causes Hiro physical pain on his right arm, causing Hiro to yelp in pain. The sound activates Baymax's pack, and Baymax inflates out in front of Hiro, prompting Tadshi to introduce Baymax as his latest project. Baymax explains his background to Hiro, and then analyzes Hiro and gives him a brief diagnosis, tends to his wound and gives him a lollipop for being a good patient. Baymax tells Hiro the code words meant to deactivate him ("I am satisfied with my care") and after Hiro says those words, the robot returns to his pack.

Some time after Baymax was introduced to Hiro, the robot was somehow transferred to the Hamada residence, remaining inactive in his pack. During Baymax's inactivity, Tadashi was tragically killed in a fire at the university, causing Hiro to grieve for his brother's death. Following these events, a depressed Hiro accidentally stubs his toe, letting out a cry of pain which summons Baymax, who greets Hiro and makes an attempt to tend to his wounds. Though surprised that Baymax was reactivated, Hiro instead tries to get rid of Baymax, finding him to be an unnecessary distraction. While Hiro tries to push Baymax back into his case, he slips and falls onto the floor. At this angle, Hiro notices a Microbot, one of the many that Hiro had presented at the university (the night of Tadashi's death). Confused as to why one would still be active when the Microbots were supposedly destroyed in the fire, Hiro sees the Microbot trying to link itself with other Microbots, but believing no other Microbots to be present, Hiro deems the device defective and discards it. Baymax, however, notices the bot's movement and picks it. Hiro sarcastically orders Baymax to find the Microbot's desired location; however, Baymax takes Hiro's order literally and leaves to follow the Microbot's trail, causing Hiro to frantically catch up with Baymax.

Eventually, Baymax tracks the destination down to an old warehouse. Hiro finds a way in through the second-story window, but Baymax gets caught due to his girth, so he deflates and then reflates to get in and the two then explore the warehouse. As the two find out that someone has been producing excessive quantities of Microbots, a masked man by the name of Yokai suddenly confronts Hiro and attacks him with the Microbots. The chase is hindered by Baymax's slow movement and size once again, but ultimately he is pushed out of the window by the Microbots and cushions Hiro from the high fall. Hiro immediately tries to notify the San Fransokyo Police Department to report the incident, but the police officer is unconvinced by Hiro's frantic claims. Before Baymax can contribute to Hiro's story, he suddenly becomes impaired due to his power running low. With few options to turn to, Hiro is forced to take Baymax home to recharge him.

Once he regains cognition, Baymax notices and questions Tadashi's absence in the Hamada household. Hiro explains Tadashi's death, leaving him with a heavy heart. Sensing Hiro's condition, Baymax downloads files on human emotion from Hiro's computer in order to comfort Hiro, and calls Hiro's closest friends despite Hiro's protests. At that moment, Hiro realizes that the fire that killed Tadashi was not an accident, but a way for Yokai to obtain his Microbots and cover his tracks. To avenge Tadashi, Hiro decides to bring Yokai to justice with Baymax's assistance. Setting to work on his plan, Hiro downloads files on recorded karate and martial arts moves to create a special chip for Baymax to give him the ability to battle. Hiro also creates a special suit to protect Baymax and execute his strength, though Baymax notes his discomfort, feeling that the modifications may undermine his intentional purposes. Nevertheless, Hiro assures the best, and instructs Baymax to do some karate moves. After Baymax's training, the duo then sneak out into the night to track down Yokai. However, Yokai is owhere to be found at the warehouse; Hiro is prompted to use the remaining Microbot to track the others, which soon leads them to the nearby docks, where Yokai is on the prowl. Hidden from Yokai's sight, Hiro and Baymax are about to battle; suddenly, Hiro's friends Honey Lemon, Go Go Tomago, Wasabi and Fred arrive and catch them on the scene since Baymax had contacted them earlier. Before the group can process what is going on, Yokai is alerted by their presence and immediately confronts the group, throwing a cargo load towards them only to be foiled by Baymax protecting the team. While the group retreat to Wasabi's van to get away, Baymax stays behind to try holding the villain off; his efforts are for naught however, as Yokai sends Baymax skyward with a Microbot throw, causing Baymax to crash on the roof of Wasabi's van. With Yokai on their trail, the team find themselves chased by Yokai in a car chase through San Fransokyo streets. During the chase, Hiro nearly falls out of the van, but Baymax saves Hiro and fastens his seat belt for Hiro's caution. Eventually, the team escapes Yokai by accidentally driving off the docks and falling into the water, tricking Yokai into believing they have perished.

Though they have successfully escaped Yokai, the team is at risk of drowning. Removing his armor, Baymax is able to carry them up to the surface. To recover, Fred decides to take everyone to his mansion for safety; on the way in Baymax also meets and fist-bumps the butler Heathcliff. Inside, as Baymax activates his warming system for the team to rest with, Hiro ponders on Yokai's true identity. Baymax then reveals that he had scanned Yokai's health during the chase (while explaining this was because he was meant to care for everyone), giving Hiro the means the track Yokai down. However, knowing that Yokai will not be easy to take down alone, Hiro, Baymax, and the rest of the team decide to use their talents to upgrade themselves into a group of superheroes. For his upgrade, Hiro develops a second armor for Baymax that allows him to fly. With Hiro, Baymax takes a test flight throughout the city to test his capabilities. After the flight is successful, the two begin to bond as Baymax scans Hiro again and is delighted to see that Hiro's levels of happiness and serenity have increased. With this, Baymax concludes that his treatment has reached completion, and asks Hiro if he's satisfied with his care, which would result in the robot's deactivation. Not wanting Baymax to depart yet, and needing him to stop to Yokai, Hiro denies the request and commands Baymax to scan the city to find Yokai. Baymax complies, and he traces the masked villain's whereabouts are traced to Akuma Island so the heroes gather to travel forth.

At the island, they discover an abandoned portal testing facility once own by the entrepreneur Alistair Krei, leading the group to believe that Krei is the culprit behind Yokai's mask and wishes to rebuild the portal for his own purposes. Just then, the group is encountered by Yokai. While Baymax is trapped underneath rubble, he eventually joins the fight and the group defeat the villain, who is soon revealed to be Professor Callaghan, the former professor at San Fransokyo Tech who was believed to have been killed in the very fire that killed Tadashi. Enraged that Tadashi's sacrifice was for nothing, Hiro orders Baymax to destroy Callaghan. Baymax objects, stating that it is against his programming to harm a human being. Without second thought, Hiro removes Baymax's healthcare and leaving the fighting chip at full operation, turning Baymax into a merciless killing machine. Carrying out Hiro's order, Baymax goes after a frightful Callaghan while the other members of the Big Hero 6 try to stop their lost friend from carrying out the deed. The distraction is enough to let Callaghan escape, but Honey manages to return Baymax's healthcare chip to the robot, restoring Bayman's personality. Ashamed and shocked by the harm he has caused, Baymax apologizes to the team for causing distress, but Hiro orders him to find Callaghan in hopes of finishing the job. Baymax denies because his scanner has been corrupted, motivating a furious Hiro to ride Baymax back to San Fransokyo and abandoning the rest of the team.

Back home, Hiro tries to remove Baymax's healthcare chip permanently but the robot refuses to open his access port as he reminds Hiro that removing his chip would only repeat the events from last time and thus would not help ease Hiro's pain. Baymax then asks Hiro if this is what Tadashi would have wanted, causing Hiro, out of grief and anger, to finally break down over Tadashi's death. Seeing Hiro's despair, Baymax comforts the boy by showing him footage of Tadashi when the former was building Baymax. The sight and sound of a comforting, loving Tadashi eases Hiro's heavy heart and bringing him to his senses. The boy thanks Baymax for helping him, when at that moment the rest of the team arrives (having gotten off the island with help from Heathcliff) so Hiro apologizes to them for how he acted. Accepting his apology, the team then show the duo the rest of the footage they uncovered.

Watching the footage again reveals that the pilot that was in the portal test was Callaghan's daughter Abigail, and that she was apparently killed in the accident that resulted in the closure of Krei's facility, leading the team to realize Callaghan's scheme is a revenge plot against Krei. Together this time, the team head to Krei Tech to stop Callaghan from carrying out his plan. There, Callaghan has attacked Krei and reconstructs the portal above Krei's company so that it would destroy all that Krei loves by sending it all into the portal that took Abigail. Baymax and the others confront and battle Callaghan, but are soon pinned down by the overwhelming swarm of Microbots. As Baymax nearly meets his end, the robot spots Hiro seconds away from being sucked into the portal. Motivated, Baymax gathers his strength and immediately rushes to the rescue, saving the boy in time. From there, Hiro instructs the others to attack the Microbots directly to send them into the sucking portal, thus rendering Callaghan impotent. With Hiro, Baymax contributes in the Microbot's destruction and flies up to Callaghan, seemingly preparing to eradicate the villain. However, Baymax stop inches short of attacking him as Hiro has decided to follow the moral code set by Baymax. Instead, Baymax takes off his mask and destroys it.

With the portal and the Microbots subdued, Hiro and the team prepare to escape the portal's oncoming destruction. However, Baymax does not budge as he is detecting life signals coming from the portal. Realizing that it must be Abigail, Hiro volunteers to go with Baymax into the portal and rescue her. As the portal continues to near destruction, the two enter the portal and find themselves inside a mysterious void. After flying across for some time, they finally discover Abigail's shuttle with Baymax's scanners, finding her resting in hyper-sleep.

Using his thrusters Baymax helps push the shuttle back to the portal. As the trio make their escape however, a piece of debris collides with the trio, destroying most of Baymax's armor as well as reducing their chance of escape. However, with one rocket-fist intact, Baymax informs Hiro that he can propel him and Abigail to the portal, knowing that this means he must stay behind to save them and thus requests Hiro to state that he's satisfied with his care, as deactivation is the only way he will be able to leave the boy's side. Hiro is initially against the idea, not wanting to lose Baymax as well, but the robot calmly tells Hiro that it is the only chance they have and that, no matter what, he will always be with him. In tears, Hiro embraces Baymax and sadly recites the statement to initiate Baymax's deactivation. With these words, Baymax launches his rocket fist, sending Hiro and Abigail back to safety while he is left stranded as the portal then explodes, thus trapping the robot inside the void.

Thanks to Baymax's sacrifice, Abigail is returned and Callaghan is brought to justice, but Hiro and the team mourn the loss of their robotic companion. Over time, Hiro also recovers from the loss of Tadashi and Baymax, finding comfort in his family and friends. He officially joins Fransokyo Tech as a student and inherits Tadashi's former laboratory. As Hiro starts to unpack his belongings in the lab, he brings out the remaining memento of Baymax: his armor fist. Upon uncovering it, Hiro notices Baymax's healthcare chip within the palm of the robotic fist. Overjoyed, Hiro rebuilds Baymax's body, using the chip to restore his personality and memories. Once Baymax is rebooted, he instantly recognizes Hiro and happily greets him, following with the two sharing an emotional reunion. Following his revival, Baymax rejoins Hiro and their friends in dedicating their days protecting San Fransokyo as the superhero team, the "Big Hero 6".

After the team is reformed, Baymax moves in with Hiro, Cass and Mochi, and spends his days hanging out with Hiro's friends. In the newspaper, he is also shown stopping a runaway cable car, saving its passengers. Baymax also attends a ceremony of a building dedicated to Tadashi at San Fransokyo Tech alongside Hiro, his friends, Cass and Mochi.

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Baymax's facial design was inspired by the suzu bell, which are found in Japanese Shinto temples.
  • One of Baymax's poses on Hiro's laptop resembles Tony Stark's poses when he was putting on his armor at the beginning of Iron Man 3.
  • Baymax is 6'2" in height.[3]
  • Hiro and Baymax's flight through the city is reminiscent of when Tony Stark took his first flight in his first cinematic film.
  • The 2013 Rotoscopers video and early information regarding the plot somewhat implies that Baymax was originally built by Hiro only after Tadashi's death to fill his void, just like in the comic book.
  • It took Tadashi 84 tries to perfect Baymax.
  • When Baymax is low on battery, he enters a state that appears to make him highly euphoric and incoherent, as if he were intoxicated.
  • A deleted scene that is present in supplementary books The Science of Big Hero 6 bonus DVD (and the manga named after him) reveals that Baymax was presented at the showcase with Fred and Tadashi by his side and whether or not Baymax was still inside the building when it exploded is left a mystery.[4]
  • Baymax is capable of turning his head around 180 degrees, as shown during the car chase with Yokai.
  • While Aunt Cass is oblivious to Baymax's existence (until after the events of the film), Hiro and Tadashi's friends appeared to have been acquainted with Baymax prior to the car chase with Yokai. However, Tadashi had never introduced Baymax to them onscreen. It is possible that Tadashi introduced Baymax to them before he showed him to Hiro or during the time Hiro was working on his microbots Tadashi introduced them to Baymax. It is also possible they were aware Tadashi was building Baymax, or that he showed him to them for assistance in the construction.
    • In "Baymax Returns", Cass instantly recognizes Baymax when reunited, suggesting she was introduced to him at some point before Baymax was destroyed.


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