"Fred's Bro-Tillion" is the fourth episode of Season 1 from Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on June 10, 2018.


When super-villain Baron Von Steamer crashes Fred's Bro-Tillion, Big Hero 6 springs into action.


While having breakfast at the Lucky Cat Café, Aunt Cass is having trouble with the coffee machine. She tries to get it to work by whacking it several times with a rolling pin, but ends up breaking it. Everyone begins to wonder where Fred is, but they soon receive a call from him, saying he needs urgent help. Thinking that Fred is in serious trouble, Big Hero "5" suit up and fly to Fred's Mansion, only to discover that he is fine and being groomed. Fred explains that his Bro-Tillion is coming up, which, according to Heathcliff, is a grand gala held in his honor where he will be presented to the city's money elite. Fred is not looking forward to it, especially since "Binky" is going to be there. According to Fred's mother Binky, better known as Beverly Samantha Mole, is the reigning queen of San Fransokyo's snob society. Considered to be rude, arrogant, and quite insufferable, unlike herself. As far as Fred can remember, his eccentric behavior has been the subject of many of his mother's humiliations in front of Binky. He ruined a priceless artwork, let monkeys out of their cages, and crashed a yacht into a building. Fred does not want to disappoint his mother this time, and needs his friends to help him become a proper gentleman.

His friends agree to help him out. So far Fred's mother has covered everything, expect dancing. So, Hiro gets Baymax to help him teach Fred how to dance. He inserts a dancing chip into Baymax, programmed with everything he needs to know about dancing. He now knows ballet, clog dancing, hip-hop, the robot (ironically), and lastly the waltz. While teaching Fred the waltz, Fred's mother has had some terrible news from the family mountain. There has been an avalanche at the family mountain in Switzerstan and Fred's father is leading the search party, which means he will not be able to attend the Bro-Tillion. Fred's mother receives even more bad news from Heathcliff: the caterer had just canceled, and there are no replacements available. However, Hiro recommends his aunt to be the new caterer.

The day of Fred's Bro-Tillion arrives. Aunt Cass is in the kitchen making the Hors d'oeuvres, and Hiro, Baymax, Honey, Go Go and Wasabi are serving as waiters and waitresses. Fred is already feeling nervous, especially when he sees Binky. Suddenly, the party is interrupted by a steaming super-villain known as Baron Von Steamer. The guests flee in terror, while Big Hero 6 tries to fight off Baron Von Steamer and protect Fred without the use of their gear. He has come to kidnap Fred and use him as bait against his father. However, he mistakes Wasabi for Fred and escapes with him instead. Puzzled by the connection between Baron Von Steamer and Fred's father, Fred shows his friends the secret den he found. It turns out that Fred's father was once the superhero known as Boss Awesome and Baron Von Steamer was his arch-nemesis back in the day. They receive a surprise call from Fred's father, who helps them decipher two possible places where Baron Von Steamer could have taken Wasabi: the abandoned subway station and the old ironworks which are both on opposite sides of the city.

They split up into two groups. Hiro and Baymax check out the abandoned subway station, and Honey Lemon, Go Go and Fred check out the old iron works. Meanwhile, Baron Von Steamer has Wasabi locked in a cage, and is now waiting for Boss Awesome to come to his rescue. Baron Von Steamer still thinks that Wasabi is Fred, despite being told multiple times that he isn't Fred and the son of Boss Awesome. When Boss Awesome does not arrive at the strike of midnight, Baron Von Steamer starts to lower Wasabi into molten lava. However, Go Go, Honey and Fred arrive just in time to save him, with Hiro and Baymax joining them soon. Baron Von Steamer brings in a giant steam-powered spider, armed with hammers and flamethrowers. Fred is afraid of spiders, and freezes up while everyone else engages the old super-villain in a fight. All four members get beaten, and Fred is the only one still standing. Seeing that his friends are in trouble, Fred decides to get over his fears and confronts Baron Von Steamer, who finally realises that he is Boss Awesome's real son. Fred uses the dance moves he was taught to elude Baron Von Steamer's attacks, and uses his flamethrower to melt his spider's legs. Even though defeated, Baron Von Steamer vows revenge upon Fred and escapes. Later, the remains of Fred's Bro-Tillion has been moved to the Lucky Cat Café, and everyone, except Binky, is having a good time. Aunt Cass has received more jobs for catering, and Fred's mother no longer cares about impressing Binky.


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  • This episode was released on March 15, 2018 in the United Kingdom before its official US release.
  • Beginning with this episode, all new episodes started premiering on Disney Channel instead of Disney XD.
  • The superhero identity of Fred's father which was teased in the film's post-credits is revealed.
  • This and "Steamer's Revenge" are the only Season 1 episodes where the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology is not featured. Coincidentally, both are also the only episodes where Baron Von Steamer is the main villain.



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