Fred's Father is Fred's wealthy father who lived a double life as a superhero.


Fred's father is a wealthy resident of San Fransokyo, living there with his wife, Fred, and their butler Heathcliff. Masquerading as a normal citizen, he was once a superhero, and he has a secret lair inside of his mansion. It is implied that Heathcliff may have also known his secret.

He and his wife tend to go on vacations to the family's privately-owned isles, leaving Fred in charge of their mansion. While he doesn't get to spend much time with his son, it appears that Fred has inherited some of his father's quirks and interests in fiction, comic books and superheroes. This also influenced Fred to pursue a superhero career of his own with the Big Hero 6.


At the family's residence, Fred uncovers his father's secret lair behind the family portrait just as his father arrives home and finds Fred in the lair. He reveals to his son's amazement how he has once lived a double life as a superhero. With happiness and relief over reuniting, Fred and his father embrace before the latter tells Fred they have a lot to talk about.


  • He portrays the likeness of his voice actor Stan Lee, as an intentional reference to Lee's career of showing up in post-2000s Marvel films as a cameo.
  • While his name is unknown, Fred's (and thus his) last initial is L.[1]