The Frederickson Mansion is the home of Fred and his family in San Fransokyo. It is also the place where the members of Big Hero 6 decided to become superheroes; and to test their gear before facing Yokai. In the events after the film and in the pilot for the TV series, the mansion became a second base for the team, sometimes leaving their armors in Fred's room.

When the team saw the mansion for the first time they didn't think that it was Fred's house, Go Go even thought Fred lived under a bridge, until Heathcliff welcomed Fred home.


It is a huge mansion and noticeably has many rooms, though only a few of them have been seen so far in the film and show.

All over the place there are paintings and framed pictures, some of which are of Fred and his family.

Fred's room is full of science-fiction items, video games, large comic book collections and fantasy things in general.

There is also a hidden room activated through one of the paintings; this room served as Mr. Frederickson's lair decades before, when he fought crime as the superhero Boss Awesome. Some of the technology in it is extremely old and slow, but the information held in the computer is up-to-date. The team sometimes use its old 70's technology when they need facts from the superhero, supervillain and criminal world, like where to find Baron Von Steamer's lairs and to identify a master sushi chef and thief.



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