Heathcliff is Fred's family butler and loyal aide to the Big Hero 6 team.


It appears Heathcliff has been serving the Frederickson family for some time due to the way he interacts with them.


He wears a classic black tie outfit which is apparently somewhat tight on him.


Heathcliff is loyal to the Fredericksons and serves their needs, but most of the time appears stoic or emotionless, except on certain occasions such as when he talks about the things he likes.

Despite his apparent lack of emotion, Fred considers him a friend and acts excited around him at times. Heathcliff is also allowed to use some of the Frederickson's things like the bath tub in their limo.

Powers and Abilities

Heathcliff has no special abilities.


Heathcliff is first introduced after Fred and his friends clash with the villain Yokai and are thrown to the bottom of the bay. Fred then takes them to his mansion, where he is greeted by Heathcliff, much to his friends' confusion and skepticism. Fred fist-bumps him, and later Baymax does the same, followed by the "Bah-la-la-la" which Hiro taught him.

Hiro then decided to prepare his friends better to face Yokai once more, so he gave them special battle suits and equipment which they tested with Heathcliff while he wore a mask similar to the one Yokai wore. They however did not harm him.

Later, after they set out to capture Yokai, Hiro abandons his team at Akuma Island after raging out, but Fred calls Heathcliff and he takes them back to San Fransokyo, where they calmed Hiro down and forgave him.

Soon, the team manage to defeat Yokai and he is arrested, so they go back to their normal lives, but Fred still wishes to continue being a superhero. His friends however refuse, so he stands atop his mansion's roof while monologuing to himself while it rains, then Heathcliff offers him cocoa and Hiro arrives asking Heathcliff where Fred is. Hiro asks Fred for help and both are forced to work for Mr. Yama to retrieve Baymax from his lair, although they end up captured by Yama and his criminals.

Later Honey Lemon, Go Go and Wasabi learn about this and go save them with the help of Heathcliff, who takes everyone away in the Frederickson helicopter. Due to this, Fred again tries convincing his friends to become a superhero team and he even requests a light signal for when they are needed, though then he sees it was miswritten as "HALP" instead of "HELP" so he asks Heathcliff if they kept the receipt, but the butler says they did not.

After facing Yama and his army of robots again, the team realize that Fred was right all along and Fred and his friends become Big Hero 6. Heathcliff then begins aiding them with anything they require.

He is also seen in the short "Baymax and Fred" when Fred tries to give Baymax a new alter-ego and costume, so Baymax dresses up as a butler but Fred claims he doesn't need two.

In "Fred's Bro-Tillion", Heathcliff helps Mrs. Frederickson and Fred to prepare for Fred's bro-tillion event, and when Fred's friends arrive, explains what the event is about. Go Go however doesn't understand Heathcliff's fancy talk so she tells Fred to explain what he said. Heathcliff also comments on how Binky Mole is an insufferable woman, but he isn't seen later at the bro-tillion.

In "Muirahara Woods", Heathcliff takes Fred, Baymax and Hiro to Muirahara Woods, as Hiro and Fred were curious about what Go Go went to when she wasn't with the team. Heathcliff waits in the Frederickson's limo while Fred, Baymax and Hiro go into the forest, but they became lost. Fred thinks that Heathcliff may be worried about them but instead he was just relaxing at the limo's hot tub.

When Fred, Hiro and Baymax are saved by the rest of the team, they return to the limo to see that Heathcliff had fallen asleep, but Fred tells them not to wake him up because he looked too peaceful.

In "Kentucky Kaiju", Heathcliff accompanies Fred when he is about to obtain his Kentucky Kaiju animatronic, so Fred excitedly asks Heathcliff to guess what's in the giant shipment crate. Heathcliff smiles and asks if it's a snow cone machine, but Fred tells him that isn't it, though he liked the idea. When Fred gets the animatronic, he sees that it was just a small toy and not a huge robot so he becomes disappointed by it.

When Fred reads Karmi's fan-fiction story about Big Hero 6, he tries to copy one of Karmi's invented moves along with Honey Lemon at one of the ponds in his house. Honey however sees that there are fishes in the water, so Heathcliff takes care of them and puts them in a fish tank. A huge icicle is caused from Fred and Honey's move which traps Fred, and Heathcliff simply takes some of the ice to make a snow cone.

In "Big Problem", Heathcliff is seen helping to clean up Fred's bedroom after Orso Knox attacked the place.

When Baron Von Steamer returns to take revenge against Mr. Frederickson, Heathcliff receives a message from Steamer, so he calls Big Hero 6 to watch the message. He also helps Fred in training so that he can go fight Steamer in place of his father. Like he did with Yokai, Heathcliff uses a cheap Baron Von Steamer costume so that Fred can practice, but he only manages to tickle Heathcliff with his moves.

He also appears in "Countdown to Catastrophe". Fred shows he requested a new Kentucky Kaiju mecha after the last one was destroyed, so he shows it to Hiro and Baymax at the pier, with Heathcliff along them. Hiro decides to test his new energy amplifier in the Kaiju, so Fred, Hiro and Baymax get inside it and do a giant jump to the sky. When they fall, Heathcliff pulls out his umbrella, although the splash is huge and Heathcliff is covered by algae, clams and even an octopus.