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"Heathcliff needs some upgrades."
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Heathcliff is Fred's family butler and loyal aide to the Big Hero 6 team. He was the one who was used as a tester of Honey, Go Go, Fred, and Wasabi's powers without complaint.


It appears Heathcliff has been serving the Frederickson family for some time due to the way he interacts with them.


He wear a clasic buttler outfit, a black suit with a back tie


Heathcliff is loyal to the Fredericksons and serves their needs, but most of the time appears stoic or emotionless, except on certain occasions such as when he talks about the things he likes.

Despite his apparent lack of emotion, Fred considers him a friend and acts excited around him at times. Heathcliff is also allowed to use some of the Frederickson's things like the bath tub in their limo.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Heathcliff has no special abilities.


Heathcliff is first introduced after Fred and his friends clash with the villain Yokai and are thrown to the bottom of the bay. Fred then takes them to his mansion, where he is greeted by Heathcliff, much to his friends' confusion and skepticism. Fred fist-bumps him, and later Baymax does the same, followed by the "Bah-la-la-la" which Hiro taught him.

Hiro then decided to prepare his friends better to face Yokai once more, so he gave them special battle suits and equipment which they tested on Heathcliff while he wore a mask similar to the one Yokai wore. They however did not harm him.

Later, after they set out to capture Yokai, Hiro abandons his team at Akuma Island after raging out, but Fred calls Heathcliff and he takes them back to San Fransokyo, where they calm Hiro down and forgive him.

Soon, the team manage to defeat Yokai and he is arrested, so they go back to their normal lives, but Fred still wishes to continue being a superhero. His friends however refuse, so he stands atop his mansion's roof while monologuing to himself while it rains, then Heathcliff offers him cocoa and Hiro arrives asking Heathcliff where Fred is. Hiro asks Fred for help and both are forced to work for Mr. Yama to retrieve Baymax from his lair, although they end up captured by Yama and his criminals.

Later Honey Lemon, Go Go and Wasabi learn about this and go save them with the help of Heathcliff, who takes everyone away in the Frederickson helicopter. Due to this, Fred again tries convincing his friends to become a superhero team and he even requests a light signal for when they are needed, though then he sees it was miswritten as "HALP" instead of "HELP" so he asks Heathcliff if they kept the receipt, but the butler says they did not.

After facing Yama and his army of robots again, the team realize that Fred was right and become the Big Hero 6. Heathcliff then begins aiding them with anything they require.