We're telling a story through dance

Barb and Juniper, also known as High Voltage, are a mother-daughter supervillain duo and professional dancers. They appeared in Big Hero 6: The Series.


Their story is unknown prior to their first appearance, but Juniper, while being praised, states that her dreams were becoming true, implying fame has been their goal for a long time.


Barb and Juniper have a typical mother-daughter relationship, with Barb being the more grounded one and Juniper being the more lively one. In battle, Barb tends to coach Juniper on their dance routines to keep the two on track. Although they are heinous, High Voltage enjoy entertaining crowds and cherish the applause people give them. However, Barb is particularly annoyed when their audience acknowledges Juniper and not her, making her feel undervalued; Juniper, on the other hand, admires the focus on her, which leads to Barb needing to remind Juniper they work together. This flaw greatly affects their bond, despite their close relationship - later, Juniper ultimately puts fame before family, as shown when her mother was defeated and Juniper tried to make her escape, which Barb took in anger and shock.


Both Barb and Juniper are fair-skinned humans with long blonde hair and purple bangs, although Barb, due to age, is overweight and has wrinkles around her eyes, and Juniper's hair is darker than Barb's. They also have pink star-shaped earrings, cyan eyeshadow (which extends to a lightning bolt on Barb's right eye), and pink lipstick. Both wear black dresses with a purple lightning bolt across, a pink belt with a cyan buckle, black boots, and black gauntlets with cyan powerlines. Barb's dress has purple sleeves, tights, and leg warmers, while Juniper's is sleeveless with a black shawl, pink tights, and leg warmers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Neither have actual superpowers, but as dancers, High Voltage are agile and coordinated as long as they are together.

  • Dancing capabilities: High Voltage infuse dance in their physical attacks, exchanging one movement to the next while acting in a coordinated fashion. They can dodge attacks easily and execute their own with little problem.
  • Master Acrobats: Besides their dancing skills, they can do backflips and other sorts of acrobatics, making them harder to capture and their heists more effective.

With the orb, High Voltage gain the following ability:

  • Electricity manipulation: Like their name suggests, High Voltage can release currents of electricity that they can use in combat. When their electrical abilities are used on machinery, such as Baymax, the orb's abilities cause them to short-circuit and malfunction. This power works smoothly with their dancing skills, enabling them to overwhelm even the strongest members of Big Hero 6.


In their arsenal is an energy orb that grants High Voltage electrokinetic attacks.

  • Energy Orb: A mysterious device that channels electricity to High Voltage's wristbands. It also powers the car that they use as their getaway vehicle, as well as a way to keep the orb safe and secure when the two drive at high speed to leave. However, without the orb, High Voltage cannot manipulate electricity.
  • Electric car: After their first encounter with Hiro, Baymax and Go Go, they used an electric car powered by the electric orb to escape.


In "Issue 188", High Voltage make their presence known by robbing an ATM while performing to the civilians to distract them from the crime taking place. The Big Hero 6 encounter the duo, but are overwhelmed by High Voltage, who manage to get away.

After a series of victories against the Big Hero 6, High Voltage meet their foes one last time at the city's bank. This time, Go Go Tomago spots their orb and destroys it, thereby stripping High Voltage of their power. After the team captures Barb, Juniper tries to escape at the last minute but fails, and both are arrested.



  • During their heists, background music about them can be heard.