Do not hold back because of your antiquated and sexist notions of chivalry! I am more than prepared to accept anything you can dish out, ancient one!

Leiko Tanaka is a member of the Japanese superhero team Big Hero Six. She has the codename GoGo Tomago.


Raised in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, the young street urchin Leiko Tanaka became part of the Shikei-otaku, one of the many bōsōzoku motorcycle gangs involved with the Yakuza. At age 18, she was arrested during a botched robbery of the Kiyohara Industrial Complex and sentenced to a term of five years in Tochigi Prison.

However, before serving her full sentence, engineers from Japan's Ministry of Defense came to her with a deal: secure an early release from prison in exchange for test piloting an experimental exosuit. Tanaka, who was chosen as a test subject based on her good behavior in prison and her high-speed motorcycling skills, accepted the government's terms and soon found herself in the "Go-Go Tomago" exosuit, named for the sphere-like shape the armor takes when propelling through the air at high velocities.


GoGo is young and highly aggressive, with little patience for others, but has a very strong will as someone who does not give up easily. She is also known as the hothead of the team as she tends to be impulsive and act on her aggressive tendencies without considering the results. Initially, she also had a lack of respect for her teammates and clashed with virtually every member, particularly Aiko Miyazaki due to jealousy and Silver Samurai out of sheer defiance. Over time, she starts to develop a true sense of kinship with her acclimation into the team.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Skilled Motorcyclist: GoGo Tomago is a skilled motorcyclist and an accomplished racer and stunt driver.

With the "Go-Go Tomago" suit, GoGo gains the following abilities:

  • Superhuman Speed: GoGo is agile, and can move at speeds of up to 185 miles per hour.
  • Kinetic Energy Manipulation: GoGo can absorb and amplify kinetic energy, enabling her to temporarily transubstantiate her body mass into thermochemical energy by uttering her codename. The degree of energy emitted can be partial or total, though both grant GoGo certain abilities.
    • Invulnerability: In a partial transformation, the suit surrounds GoGo in a thermochemical aura that grants her limited invulnerability.
    • Flight: GoGo accomplishes flight in her partial transformation.
    • Energy Blasts: GoGo has energy projection capabilities.
    • Powerball Mode: In a total transformation, the wearer's entire body transubstantiates into a high-speed spherical "powerball", which builds up greater speed and force with every additional ricochets while in motion. After a series of sufficiently numerous and forceful ricochets to build up power, GoGo can hurl herself to a given target and create a fiery, explosive blast. While there is no limit to the amount of time she can stay in powerball mode, GoGo's body will fatigue and force her to deactivate it.


Due to her proficiency with the exosuit and to avoid being sent back to prison, GoGo was drafted into the Big Hero 6. However, GoGo was incredibly difficult to get along with the rest of the team, leading to altercations with several members. However, she begins growing accustomed with her teammates. With the team, GoGo fought various supervillains to protect Tokyo, from the ethereal Everwraith to the bizarre X the Unknowable. She joins the new incarnation of Big Hero 6 following the super human Civil War with new members Wasabi No-Ginger and Fred.


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