Megabot is a small robot created by Hiro Hamada so he could take part in underground Bot Fighting in San Fransokyo.

Though it appears to be a relatively simple model, Megabot's appearance is meant to be deceptive - its body is comprised of magnetic joints, which allows it to split into smaller parts of itself and attach to opponents, taking them apart and utterly defeating them with their own weapons. When switching between normal mode and battle mode, the robot's face switches from a yellow smiling face to a red, fierce-looking face. Hiro used it against Mr. Yama and won and intended to continue using it in more bot fights until he decided to leave this career behind.

Afterwards, Megabot's design is used by Hiro to build a new invention: Microbots. Megabot later inadvertently helped to activate Baymax when one of its legs fell onto Hiro's foot and reacted from the pain.


  • Megabot's name is a pun on the word "mega", which means huge, in contrast to Megabot's small figure.
  • Megabot has three additional faces in the Big Hero 6: Bot Fight app game: silly (blue), laughing (green), and angry (purple). Each one matches the five elements, including its happy and battle face.


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