No one hustles Yama.

Mr. Yama is a minor antagonist in the 2014 animated film, Big Hero 6, and a recurring antagonist in its television series.

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Mr. Yama is first seen being introduced as the undisputed champion of San Fransokyo's underground bot-fighting competitions.

After defeating an unfortunate contender, Yama proceeds blow off contestant Hiro Hamada before seeing how much money the young man possessed. After defeating him, Yama turned down Hiro's request for a rematch before he saw how much Hiro was willing to put down. The stake raised higher than ever, Yama arrogantly agrees to Hiro's request for a rematch. He finds himself immediately defeated, never having stood a chance, with Hiro taking the grand prize.

Enraged and humiliated by both the fact that he lost all of his money and that he had been so pitifully hustled, Yama and his minions take after Hiro and corner him before he is bailed out by his brother. All of them are caught by the police shortly thereafter and thrown in jail.

Several months following his arrest, Yama returned to the streets as a criminal. He came under the employment of a man calling himself Obake, and was tasked with acquiring a sculpture found at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.


  • Yama - Yama is the Japanese word for "mountain". This parallels Yama's firm, self-aggrandizing personality and his sensitivity to disgrace. It is represented by the kanji "山", which is seen on the back of Yama's jumpsuit and throughout his hideout.


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  • In earlier drafts, Yama was intended to be a more important antagonist as a mob boss in San Fransokyo's crime scene. He was the leader of a gang, which consisted of rocket-powered bomber men, a sumo wrestler, and the Fujitas; a group of martial artist roller women in traditional Japanese wear and makeup.[1]