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Obake is a villainous figure who made his debut in the animated TV show Big Hero 6: The Series. He is the main antagonist of the first season.


Little is known about Obake, but he has ulterior motives involving the San Fransokyo underworld, as shown when he hired Mr. Yama to carry out his plans. He can hack into any device in order to communicate to his associates, usually with his ogre-like emblem appearing on the monitor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Genius-level intellect: Obake is a calculating, technological genius with prowess towards machines. He is skilled in hacking, as he managed to hack into multiple systems and take control of them. Based on his hideout, it seems Obake can also access the city's surveillance systems, as he learned about the Big Hero 6 when observing them through nearby cameras.


Obake contacted Yama to acquire a sculpture from the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. When Yama turns up empty-handed, Obake communicates with him when Yama is inside an elevator and threatens to send him plummeting. With his life in the line, Yama narrowly calms Obake by revealing he managed to construct an army of Baymax duplicates. Obake sees potential in his work, but warns Yama not to fail him this time.

After Yama successfully obtains the sculpture, he calls Obake demanding why he wasn't informed of the sculpture's capabilities. Obake simply reasons that Yama is his subordinate, and he shouldn't be asking questions about his missions. Yama promises to return the sculpture soon and ends the call. However, a new superhero group known as the Big Hero 6 end up thwarting his plans and destroy the sculpture.

Despite losing the sculpture, Obake takes an interest in the Big Hero 6.

Some time later, Obake is seen watching the pictures of the Big Hero 6 following their victory against High Voltage, then a close up picture of Hiro and Baymax. His face mysteriously glows. 


  • Obake - Obake means "ghost" or "apparition" in Japanese, and can also refer to "monster". The term itself literally means a thing that changes, referring to transformation. In Japanese folklore, an Obake (お化け) is a supernatural entity either capable of transformation or is a human ghost. The Obake is closely related to the Japanese yokai; fittingly, another supervillain encountered by the Big Hero 6 has used "yokai" as a codename.