"Punk Bot Fighter" was the first character introduced in the 2014 animated film, Big Hero 6.


While not much is known about this girl other than the fact that she was a participant in an underground bot fight, she was the last person to fight Mr. Yama before Hiro Hamada himself.


She has fair skin, highlighted magenta hair and has only been seen wearing a pair of black goggles, heavy dark eye shadow, dark magenta lipstick, a black choker with a pendant, a dark-colored necklace, a chain necklace, a magenta see-through ripped long-sleeve, a studded black vest, black half-gloves, a spiked bracelet, a skull-buckled belt, jean shorts, calf-high boots and striped magenta stockings. She also has a scar on her right cheek.


  • Technically, if all robots are to be considered, she was actually the third character to be introduced in the film with her own battle bot being the first and Mr. Yama's "Little Yama" being the second.
    • This topic is up for debate though, as these battlebots are not sentient.
  • According to Big Hero 6: Bot Fight, the name of her robot was Snips.

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