The San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, commonly known as "SFIT", is an illustrious university located in San Fransokyo, California.


Over 100 years before the current timeline, the university was built to be attended by students who excel in the field of of science and technology.[1] In order to attend the school, the applicant can register in the school's annual convention at its Exposition Hall, where up-and-coming geniuses showcase new creations to receive acceptance into the university.


Professor Robert Callaghan headed the robotics program for students Tadashi Hamada, Go Go Tomago, Wasabi and Honey Lemon. Another student, Fred, also was in the program as the school's mascot, despite being an English major. When Tadashi's brother, Hiro Hamada, decides that he wants to attend the school, he presents his invention, Microbots, at the annual showcase. The presentation impresses Callaghan and grants Hiro acceptance into the school. Following the conclusion of the convention, a fire is started in the Exposition Hall forcing everyone to evacuate. In reality, it was Callaghan who started the fire to seize Hiro's Microbots for himself, who is able to protect himself from the fire. At that moment, the building explodes as Tadashi rushes inside to save Callaghan, killing Tadashi.

Eventually, Callaghan is discovered and arrested for his crime by Hiro and his former students. Now a student, Hiro begins to attend the school with Go Go, Honey, Wasabi and Fred. A building dedicated to Tadashi is erected at the campus, in which Hiro accepts the honor for his late brother.


Ito Ishioka Robotics LabEdit

The center for the university's robotics program, this building was named after Professor Ito Ishioka. The building is divided into three floors entirely covered with glass to let in natural light, and is powered by solar panel. It was formerly headed by Robert Callaghan and is currently attended by Hiro, Go Go, Wasabi and Honey.

Exposition HallEdit

This hall is where the annual showcase for applicants take place. Some companies and alumni also attend this showcase as an opportunity to hire young prodigies or even provide them a scholarship.

Tadashi Hamada HallEdit

The building was built by Krei Tech Industries in memory of the late Tadashi Hamada who perished in the fire that consumed the Exposition Hall.



  • The university was heavily inspired by the Presidio in San Francisco, a park and former military base with a college-like atmosphere.
  • There is some inconsistency with the university's mascot; Fred's mascot costume is a dragon/kaiju-esque creature, yet supplemental materials and items from the university have a ninja as the mascot.
  • A cat with rocket boosters on its feet is briefly seen in the lab. This was based on a scrapped idea for Mochi in the film's early drafts.


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