This page is for Wasabi No-Ginger, the character from Marvel Comics. For the character from the film, see Wasabi.

Wasabi No-Ginger is a member of the third version of the Japanese superhero team Big Hero 6.


Wasabi No-Ginger is a trained chef and one of the recent additions to the third incarnation of Big Hero 6 following the departure of previous members Silver Samurai, Sunfire, Ebon Samurai and Sunpyre.


Wasabi is the most honorable member of the Big Hero 6 due to his samurai lifestyle. When he senses misconduct or false loyalty among allies, he is the first to confront them about it, but he will not hold a grudge if the suspect in question has noble reasons. He also enjoys making sushi for his peers.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Sword Mastery: A trained swordsman, Wasabi No-Ginger can wield various swords to fight with, although he often wields two samurai swords.
  • Qi Manipulation: Wasabi No-Ginger can manipulate his Qi energy to form knives that he can throw at enemies, rendering them unconscious.


In his first mission with the team, Wasabi No-Ginger was assigned to America in order to protect a scientist named Kojiro Iosama. Posing as a student to enroll into the local high school, he at first clashes with teammate Fred due to Wasabi No-Ginger questioning Fred's loyalty to the team; after having a football match the two come to an understanding. Later, he is confronted by a villain named Badgal and her three minions; Whiplash, Brute and Gunsmith.